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A pack of kindred, musical spirits from Bloomington, Indiana, Vuko is an original alternative/rock band whose sound will leave its mark on your soul. Vuko has been rocking its original brand of rock n' roll locally and online since 2017. 

Though based in Bloomington, the members of Vuko all hail from elsewhere in Indiana. They are Ron Vanzo of Hammond on guitar & vocals, Tom Ritchel of Evansville on guitar & vocals, Bobby Euhl of Bedford on drums & vocals and Jenny Gibson of Newcastle as lead singer. And joining us this year, John Trice of Lafayette on bass.

Musically speaking, Vuko is a strong cocktail of classic & alternative rock infused with folk-rock style lyrics, but with a powerful, soulful female vocalist leading the charge. Band influences range across the board from Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Linda Perry, Jefferson Airplane, Dire straits, Grateful Dead, U2, Alabama Shakes and more.
Vuko has performed local venues in Bloomington and Nashville including the Blockhouse Bar, People's Park, the Players' Pub, the MidWay Music Festival and the Brown County Inn. At the Bluebird, they reached the semifinals of the 2018 Battle of the Bands. December 2019 saw the release of Vuko's self-titled debut album. During COVID lockdown, Vuko performed via the 2020 Online MidWay Music Festival.

Recently they released a new video for their new song - Dark Side of the Road.  Currently Vuko is writing new music for their next album tentatively scheduled to be released in 2023.

Press Photos

Jenny at City Hall_edited_edited.jpg


Vuko - Dark Side of the Road

Lake Street Dive - You Go Down Smooth

Vuko - Never

Vuko Live at the Blockhouse

Vuko - Forever Blue

Vuko - BTR

Vuko - Stream

Vuko - Rainbow



"Vuko is a powerful uplifting group. I don't know if they take me back or push me forward, but I like the feeling."

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